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My husband took my Pro Aqua vacuum cleaner to Southeast Pro Aqua in Orange Park Florida in April 2015... Well I went to get it at the end of Mat . I text him (Brent) to advise him that I was coming over to pick up the vacuum cleaner and I also text him ... No reply !!! I got to the business and it was deserted.. So I went down stairs to the law firm office and asked them what happen to the ppl who was in suite 104 .... She said they moved out with out notice .... She did not have a contact number for them I correspond to them by email but they haven't been responding... I said ok thank you ma'am... I went downstairs and called Belmont financial service manger Brent and he said he didn't know where they had moved to but hold on let me call Brent!!! Did u try to call him ? I said yes left a message and a text!!! Well he called Brent and he answers and said that give him a few minutes he will call you Mrs Jones... I said ok .... Me and my husband went and had dinner and approximately 2 hours later no call from Brent so I called Drew back at Belmont Financial service and after I had called Brent he didn't answer drew called him again and he said he was in the field but he was going to call me !! I said listen Drew I been in Jacksonville for 4 hours and Brent done had well enough time to contact me !! I them called the main company of Pro Aqua and spoke with the manager Bob and explained that above mention complaint and he was apologetic but he thought I had received it but he was going to give Brent a call.... Ok I went on vacation and was out the country for 6 days I got back no VACCUM cleaner so Brent calling me for money for a payment and I told him I wasn't going to pay for nothing  that I don't have and Drew  explain that it will be occurring late charges and he will be sending it to the credit companies and I explain to him how unfair that was because he couldn't tell me where they Brent relocated at I don't know the physical address and I can't go get it myself so if I can't trust the company to have someone responsible to fix what has been a lifetime guarantee!!!! He said well let me try Brent back tomorrow.... I go back on vacation he Drew call me for a payment and I told him I'm not paying because I sent Brent my address to send the VACCUM two weeks ago and here it is I done been to Jamaica for a week and North Carolina for a week and I haven't seen the vacuum nor has my son so where is my vacuum!!!!!! I called the Pro Aqua headquarters again and I told them I want my vacuum cleaner better yet I want to be pulled out the contract Bob was in disbelief.... So I filed a report with the better business bureau who denied the claim because they couldn't get in touch with Brent so I called the Lake City Police Department and they filed charges of grand theft against Brent I notified Belmont Financial service Drew and Pro Aqua service manager Bob that I had pursued charges against Brent for grand theft and I told them both I want to back up at the contract and I would like my money back that I have invested in this machine .... So Bon told me to give him two weeks and I should have it ... But they refuse to do either and now they are destroying my credit and every time I talk to them it sends my anxiety and u have a headache behind it every time they call me asking me for money and Brent has had my machine for 3 months.... Can u please help me.....I just want my money that I had invested in it and them to remove the negative inquires off my credit!!!!!
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