Hello and Welcome to the People's Court.
Got a dispute that you want judged? It's your chance to prove to your friend/partner/boss that they are WRONG and of course you are RIGHT.
Or perhaps you are just a very judgemental person ... if so you're going to be as happy as a pig in mud with our site.
Welcome to The People`s Court, where you can be The Judge or you can get the public to Judge Your dispute.

Vote-Up the desputes and judgements you think are good, Vote-Down the bad or boring. Please report any unpleasant contributions.


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  • Domestic - 1 dispute - Disputes involving things around the home.
  • Relationships - 5 disputes - Disputes between you and your loved one.
  • Family - 2 disputes - Disputes between you and your family.
  • Workplace - 2 disputes - Disputes occurring at the place where you work.
  • Consumer - 3 disputes - Disputes involving a service or item that you have purchased.
  • Science - 1 dispute - Disputes about how things work.
  • Sport - 0 disputes - Disputes about sporting events and sports people.
  • Other - 20 disputes - Disputes about things not covered by our other categories.