Guilty verdict

Guilty verdict.

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ELLEmagazine .@theestallion faced vitriol from gossip blogs, strangers, and peers after coming forward about her shooting by #ToryLanez in 2020. For the first and only time since her assailant’s guilty verdict, she discusses moving past what happened in our May issue: Fashion. Beauty. Celebrity. Culture. Follow ELLE on Instagram and YouTube:
PopBase Megan Thee Stallion on the verdict of the trial: “When the guilty verdict came on Dec. 23, 2022, it was more than just vindication for me, it was a victory for every woman who has ever been shamed, dismissed, and blamed for a violent crime committed against them.” Pop Base is your best source for all pop culture related entertainment, news, award show coverage, chart updates, statistics and more.
mefeater NYC Megan @theestallion speaks out on Tory Lanez guilty verdict in Elle magazine's exclusive: “When the guilty verdict came on Dec. 23, 2022, it was more than just vindication for me, it was a victory for every woman who has ever been shamed, dismissed, and blamed for a violent… MEF Music💓Entertainment💓Fashion "Where the IT GIRLS get their news” 💅🏾
MightbeMaria Mightbee Abbitch Srry @alikat709 @docrocker1 @krassenstein Greg Abbott wants to set a murderer free. *Garrett Foster, an Air Force veteran, was among the protesters and legally carrying an AK-47-type Happily married, proud of my family
angmarie_7521 Virginia, USA @sassywithatwist Sooo, she wants to ban Tucker and possibly others at Fox News because she feels they “incite violence”. Ummm, did AOC forget what Maxine Waters said if a not guilty verdict was reached after the Derek Chauvin trial? I believe she called for protestors to get more…
GodsRevolver316 @BetteMidler And there will never ever be a "guilty" verdict because Dominion SETTLED and fox cant be sued for it again due to Double Jeopardy laws. LOVE IT B!TCHES. 😈 #Trump2024 KyleRittenhouseIsAHero The Patriarchy Built This Country #2a TxPride #Trump2024 #PureBlood #MoMasks
Cuffee94825799 @CheesyFPSS @JayDunn305 @nojumper What about his question contemplates a moron and a forking complete one at that? it was a lawful arrest and he resisted them having the footage wouldnt help their case but only further his guilty verdict “Finna burn all this crap down.” $EastSideMi6🙏🏾
Cuffee94825799 @IdontBelieveU1 @JayDunn305 @nojumper Yes, yes he is and rightfully so it was a lawful arrest and he resisted arrest them having the footage wouldnt help their case but only further his guilty verdict “Finna burn all this crap down.” $EastSideMi6🙏🏾
frontier_space @DrewBevans83 @bluemoonfan247 @NjokuOTR @DeadlineDayLive @bazzardblack6 @MailSport Guilty of your innuendos and conspiracy y theory. Man City destroyed UEFA in Court with nine guilty verdict! The amount of lies these trolls spewing. I'm into gaming, sports, and daily news!
VsJornal SE 256th street,Kent,WA,USA Gerry Hutch walks out court front door and hops into taxi in first glimpse of freedom after dramatic not guilty verdict | Ireland News | Sun | 23 Apr | 21:10 | BST US,UK,World Politics,ShowBiz,Sport,Tech,Money
TimothyGreenway @ACTBrigitte Brigitte, I can't stand the incompetent fool, but it's fruitless. Even if the House votes for impeachment there's not enough votes in the Senate for a guilty verdict and removal. He's still going to be president and in charge afterwards. It's a waste of time! MBA - Proud Republican
DickProse Mostly Blindville USA @Colleen69127957 @DC_Draino That is how it works on twitter as per this conversation! Which is what we were talking about! Until you just NOW changed it to trial. You are correct when it comes to trial! And prosecution having to prove their case to beyond a REASONABLE DOUBT to get a guilty verdict. Blind in 1 i cant C out of the other Dead sister & brother Covid took Dad Lost best 2 cats ever had left to fin alone w/ 20/1100 visual acuity That's in good I
50Colleen2 Somewhere texas. @Annem123M He will deny any guilty verdict . Cuz he’s a frickng liar ❗️🥴 And a whining victim 🤮🤮 retired dental lab tech,Big time crocheter 🧶,grow vegetables,🌻flowers BIKER.married,2 kids, died once.🌊 🌊weeny bite champion. NASCAR fan, from Minnesota👅👅
TruthMatters_2 everywhere @rtenews The media are seething at the not guilty verdict and doing its best to squeeze as much juice out of him as they can because they have nothing else to report. life is like a pubic hair on a toilet seat, sooner or later you will get pissed off.
TherealPreben @zerohedge Ove can say the difference between that GOP and Dems are the willingness to blame one self in a political crap show Dems impeached Trump on nothing without a shred of a chance of a guilty verdict The GOP could do the same, but choose the less crazy way Gas trader in the European market
_6ft7 @antifaoperative Upon guilty verdict, lock him up and keep him locked up. We are going to need more prisons, better start bipartisan support my Fellow Dems. Weed & Seed. No more time or patience for these fks
Fynnderella1 @AIustitiae She is an awful person, and I’m not just talking about her fraudulent actions. Accurate about SC2 origin, virulence, treatment since Feb 2020 and public health for decades. BANNED until 1/15/2023! 🩺 Treat Early! Tweets are my opinion. 🩸
Grexnix Bogland, Co. Mayo. @JamieBrysonCPNI Not 1 nor 2 but 3 appeals and still a guilty verdict. I think he got what he deserves already. So do the judges too by the way and most of the rest of everyone. Killjoy, atheist, it/its, Freelance Clitorotherapist and devout Vagitarian. Motto: Think Not, Lest You Be Thought About. I never tell the truth.
TerenceOlivie @FonsboRuben @NickAdamsinUSA After all the investigations, years of discovery and still no guilty verdict, would you ever consider that you’ve been duped, and maybe seek TRUTH. You might find a new perspective. That will NEVER happen unless you can put aside your preconceived prejudices & seek truth.
Matt29231782 Queensland Australia @MattWallace888 I endorse and fully support a guilty verdict ! Family man, Community support worker/Public Advocate and PC gamer. To engage and survive is life.
Urshantasy1988 @kamo180 @ebonygoddess876 @MGsquared @Batdad520 @meghanncuniff This case has everything to do with her. Kelsey did not identify him as the shooter, and Kelly said that he saw a woman shooting. So how did the jury come to a guilty verdict?
Urshantasy1988 @kamo180 @ebonygoddess876 @MGsquared @Batdad520 @meghanncuniff Tory did not get on the stand! The evidence can speak for itself! Tory’s dna was not on the gun, and the victim originally said she stepped on glass. Kelsey also testified that she did not see Tory shoot that girl. So how did they come to a guilty verdict?
MichaJawkan Eternal Gacha Purgatory re-listening to the 2nd trial trailer and Amane's reaction to the guilty verdict really is just "no <3" huh Micha | 28 | She/Her | 🏳️‍⚧️ | relentlessly lesbian | Follow ur dreams and do ur best. | 💞@kanatsubamaria💞 | AD @NoxiousGlutton
hattonsgrace @BrophShane @pmosullivan67 Additional , the person involved was employed by Clare and Wexford Co boards at the time of much of this fraud being committed. As soon as the guilty verdict was given down, they were relieved of their services by kilkenny gaa
DavidCockerham @profsked What puzzles me is that I thought it had been said that Tolley would NOT reach a guilty or not guilty verdict but would simply give Sunak the facts for him to reach a verdict. And indeed, I don't think Tully does say that Raab "bullied" anyone, so why did Raab resign? Trad jazzing Japanologist Tyke in exile.
metztouat Norwich, England @KEdge23 Swift suspension as oppose to Raab 6 months inquiry plus guilty verdict and had to volunteer his resignation to Sunak.
GerryDelaney17 @vincentbrowne None whatsoever,never a shred of evidence. The so called damning tapes , were exactly the opposite, the prosecution obviously believed once in the SPC a guilty verdict was inevitable. Begs the question how many times have they done this,and got away with it ?
moralcrusadeinc @GBNEWS @LeoKearse He didn’t tell them what to do, he bullied them into it. Ffs, for those at the back….the evidence was presented, analysed and a guilty verdict reached. He’s a bully. If civil servants have capability issues there is a process to follow. Bullying is not part of that process!
dvehendo dublin ireland @vincentbrowne They knew they never had enough,and probably didn’t care,to get a guilty verdict on Hutch but imo used and abused the justice system to try and embarrass the Shinners by being guilty of association with Dowdall ex Dublin Fire Brigade and ex a lot of other places 😊
HallworthNeil @KEdge23 2 hours to deal with it. Whereas Sunak did absolutely nothing with Raab after 5 months of investigation and a guilty verdict. See the difference Kev? Labour deal with issues, Tories lie, procrastinate and praise each other's misconduct. Passionate about family, music, motorsport and cycling. Anti-extremists of all flavours.
AiynaAstra @huyandere POV: your defense attorney is losing because the persecution not only attacked his reasoning but his heart; and on the acceptance stage as you get ready for the guilty verdict while they kiss PH | I am much braver here | For those who say that this is a dummy account, aren't we all braver when anonymous?
Gunny2862 @tstorm05 @luder8881 @AmmoLand Point of order. I never said he HAD to wait. The fact is there are any number of charges available here. Some of them he’s de facto guilty of just by the testimony of the video. And it’s not certain there’d be enough reasonable people on a jury to prevent a guilty verdict. Ret. Gunnery Sergeant, Scoutmaster '06-'13. Practical. While labels are weak - Fiscal Conservative, Social moderate. Don't follow everybody.
TimothyGreenway @chuckwoolery For the 100th time: Even if the House votes for impeachment, there's not enough votes in the Senate for a guilty verdict and removal! It takes 67 guilty votes. There's no way to get that many democrats to vote guilty. Afterwards he's still going to be in charge. MBA - Proud Republican
fictionfanspod @thatpasuht They held a trial for her at Jordan Con yesterday—not sure if it got streamed anywhere, unfortunately—that I feel you would have appreciated 😂 Her defendant was excellent and got her a not guilty verdict from the jury (for one of the charges at least lol) We're fans of fiction, and have a lot of opinions // Sara @svmcaro & Lilly @lillyscribe // tweets mostly by Sara //
BoomerRube @MAGASPEAKER I saw a Law And Order episode once during which it was stated that subsequent proof of innocence does not negate a guilty verdict. As crazy as the law is sometimes, Dominion probably gets to keep the settlement anyway. “Hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, and weak men create hard times.”
TimothyGreenway @ACTforAmerica Because, impeachment is not an option. Even if the House votes for impeachment, there's not enough votes in the Senate for a guilty verdict and removal. It takes 67 guilty votes, that's never going to happen. Afterwards he's still going to be in charge. It's a waste of time! MBA - Proud Republican
Urshantasy1988 @Kajania143 @Barmonroe786 @SunkizzedScribe @Sw4veyy1 @its_shaune @torylanez You understand that what you are saying right now is that the prosecution did not do their job and they did not prove a damn thing! So how did the jury come to a guilty verdict??? So like I said Free Tory….
davidciani Marina, CA @CherylParrett4 @MuellerSheWrote I actually wouldn’t mind that. It is the public trial and guilty verdict (or, heaven forbid, allocation and guilty plea) that I want. Thinker, Liberal. Data-driven national security research. I speak only for myself. 🦕 → #HeHimHis 🇺🇸🏳️‍🌈
Daveorme2 @GuntherEagleman That court case thing, evidence and a guilty verdict. But ya know whatever’s
_SimplyG Knowhere I'm strongly against the media/public having access to mugshots and personally identifying information for individuals who have been arrested before a guilty plea has been taken or a guilty verdict has been arrived at in a trial. Doing what I'm doing. yup #anime #comics #infosec #cybersecurity #technology #science #videogames #movies #TV #culture #life
Malcolm1E Scotland, United Kingdom @craigy_1314 @GreatDando @ScotlandRobbed I have no idea who the accusers are and am not interested. We are all aware that very few sexual abuse claims ever result in a guilty verdict because of the difficulty proving what happened between two people in private. SNP member. pro-independence. Retired. Wife, mother, g' mother, gt g'mother. Women for Independence/Independence for Women. Retweets not necessarily endorsed.
DrugGovoruna @Communipaw_Farm @hairtoucher Because looting and burning things is fun, and the not guilty verdict for the policemen who beat up Rodney King was a Schelling point to gather and do it. In the long run, the destruction makes things worse, but these people don't think about the long run. Victory of the forces of good over the forces of reason.
isinthemoment Diab supporters urge Canada to refuse any extradition requests after guilty verdict (The Globe and Mail (Alberta Edition)), Apr 22, 2023
Sloshed187 Houston, TX Yep two more tweets and you will deliver the guilty verdict yourself !! Your expose maybe the best thing that may happen to the ppl of tamil nadu !! petroluem engineer, IITM, short film maker .. interested in cinema ..illayaraja fanatic.. Rajinikanth my inspiration n hope
Sander88591Seth @Jim_Jordan Might as well let criminals investigate and prosecute themselves. There would never be another guilty verdict ever again.
ibelieve_6 Hell @Blakeman130 @EklundElek @Sah_Phyre @Anania00 Who is confused? those who are confused are those who confuse a NOT Guilty verdict with Innocent, a verdict for a child and what verdict for the 4 accusers? MJ Case Facts and Commentary Opinions are not facts - no DM #IstandwithWadeRobson #IstandwithJamesSafechuck #IstandwithAmberHeard #istandwithMJvictims
1MattGoddard Brighton, England @Nikkinaccinoo @PolitlcsUK There was legal action and a guilty verdict for a senior fall guy at vote leave who massively overspent beyond the allowed cap. Ministerial code I'd imagine for knowingly misleading with made-up numbers. Must be rules and not guidelines. Otherwise everyone would ignore them 😆 South of England Coastal Photographer, Brighton, Sussex. #Brightonartist #brightonphotography
Not_my_fault I'm not really here! @HighburyAFC102 @GoonerGirl1969 Lol that’d never happen, and highly doubt any guilty verdict will come out of it. We may be using loopholes but we are not stupid 😉 the owners not daft. All the best. follower of the religion that is @mcfc love, scuba diving (PADI qualified), snowboarding, tattoos & my drums. Married & have 3 amazing kids
mindi_1111 Venus He was never proven innocent, a not guilty verdict and 5 accusers #stupidstan The most important thing is to enjoy life, to be happy, that's all that matters 🌺🎈♥️🌊she/her #CSA IFB 🚫 No DM
Santino_1964 @RonnyJacksonTX That’s not enough. Military trial for treason and upon a guilty verdict, a good old fashioned neck stretching. 1A,2A,Long range and Short range competitive shooter, Pro Life,MAGA, Si vis pacem para bellum. OG minion, My pronouns: Molon Labe. I am The Last of the Boomers.

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