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ravnstag @Hand_of_Glory_ @TrippyLiberty It’s when I go to my grandma’s house in July and drink diet Mountain Dews and eat all of her sugar free diabetes snacks while watching Judge Judy. Of course, that’s just one one way of talking about thinking about it.
openingremarcs Judge Judy and executioner Posts my lyrics and writing bits whenever it does that; I forget the precise schedule.
papayathebee Room 237 @T_Mac202 The only person who has offered themselves up does so as a joke or when he's drunk and drove a woman to take him to Judge Judy when he stopped forking her. just here to compliment all the bad bitches. she/her.
chroNICKled @voxdotcom fork that noise. Let’s add 55 SC seats, 2100 Fed DC judges and one Judge Judy per state! Make America an even bigger clown show. The “big guy” deserves at least 20% now.
SchaveChad @MKE_Yusuf @mny_mrk @Breaking911 @theintercept I just now bumped it to 3. I kicked all of them off...all of them. And appointed Thomas Sowell, Ted Cruz, and judge Judy. Don't like it? Too bad. My new scotus has refused to hear your case. Patriot and conservative
RxsesAndThxrns_ @fnf_monster “ f i n e — I’ll let you call me that Judge Judy guy,, but I’m not going to be nice about it. And yes, I can be your friend, too. “ Mun is a minor! Multiship! (Non lewd but NSFW cussing, sexual humor and all that crap) #FNFRP ( Deaths; 4 )
fnf_monster @RxsesAndThxrns_ let me call you the judge judy person and let me be your frien
iamsamzyycrane @iamseyishay See local prostitute dey compare herself to judge Judy ooo You most be very mad Ajê See who dem @Soundsultan and others dey give scope and guidelines when you come from UK Wait why will @Nigerianidol make a rude sex dog who still a up coming artist like you a judge A BiIG of fan Song writer performing art Stage King , Soulful r&b Photographer TEL -09066507376
LunaGinsburg in bed with SCOTUS 🛌 @JayMansion1 Do you think Judge Judy and the bailiff ever banged? I think they did, like Pat and Vanna! you have entered... 🌙the luna sector🌙 21 2️⃣1️⃣ bi 🌈 CEO of dissentshipping ⚖
DrQz The Other Hills, California @jerrykuch "how do you stop yourself"? You recall what happened to this guy, you go back to watching afternoon re-runs of Judge Judy, and you quietly close your curtains. Performance weenie. 'Rocket scientist' & Xerox PARC alum 🇦🇺🇺🇸 Consultant, author, teacher, physics, math, stats & chem. Oh, & occasional 🎸performance too.
GaytanDugas @ham_reborn @throbbingclit69 A few accounts ago someone tweeted a pic or judge Judy in everyday life and I QTed it saying “damn, Judy’s got nice ones” and for like three weeks until I got banned, every single day I had at least a dozen women yelling at me over it. foreskin amputee with a seven day ban
IAmCain3 New England If this is the age of anti-bullying, why do people watch such crap as the screaming humiliator, Judge Judy? Or that screaming humiliator, Gordon Ramsey, or that screaming humiliator Billy Eichner... AREN'T WE FIGHTING TO STOP THIS CRAP? DO THE WORLD A FAVOR AND TURN THEM OFF!! Retired. Portrait Artist, Book Illustrator. MUSICIAN! Bass/Keyboards, Singer/Songwriter. Fmr GOP. NOW A FULL-ON RESISTER! THE GOP AS A PARTY MUST DIE! 🚫dm
PlayboyManbaby Phoenix Jacob's Makeup - "Judge Judy" We’re excited to announce that my friend Jacob will be hosting his makeup tutorial on this page. Jacob’s Makeup is the FIRST and ONLY makeup tutorial done by a certified refrigerator repairman. #makeuptutorial #makeup #judgejudy Is this thing on?
dimabutworse @angelfork3r Yeah lol im lucky Judge Judy and rupaul got revealed as sucky at the same time lol it went from legitimately cool to ironic value like overnight @dmitril3ary 's horny/vent side twit /25/ he they/ 🔞 / I post noncon, agegap, gore, and problematic dynamics 🤍🔪☢
HasStanders Anaheim, CA @_nekkuru @PhantomArcade3K Someone should make this but instead they're in a courtroom because of the Judge Judy meme and bf would be Judy. That would be funny i think what if you
mcph3e Glasgow, Scotland Been living my best life watching judge Judy clips all day and now I wanna argue 🤝 dm me if u want to fight xx gobby fairy x
40Zetterbeard @LebowLil @CHEEZBurger13r And yes it is sus. We follow the Jusge Judy school of logic on this one. “That’s not true! You know how how I know that’s not true? Because it doesn’t make any sense! And if it doesn’t make sense that’s because it’s not true!” -Judge Judy to a dumbass Bitch not a real doctor, but I can do cpr (and pcr)
seankruj Dont want to say Fernando I hope judge Judy in court and cuss you WWE fans /Woman - white/European
seankruj Dont want to say Belinda I hope judge Judy in court and cuss you WWE fans /Woman - white/European
DianaAragon82 El Paso, TX I just wanna clock out and go watch Judge Judy 📺 Charleston, SC native now in El Paso, TX. Bachata enthusiast. Grown woman. Southern Belle. SC:Carmenarragon 🐤🐘🔺️🐘🐤
Dcwash1 Virginia, USA @soledadobrien What special interest group provided that "oppo" research, and was that the first time the Senator was reading the material? He should have heeded the Judge Judy axiom Love my Jesus, family, friends, country, @Nats, and good music. Birtherism is appalling. RT not agreement;at least it made me think, I will mute; Micah 6:8
RyanJ_Purcell Update: after threatening to write to Judge Judy over the $4.87, my mom folded and paid up. Kinda disappointed I’ll never be on TV now.
seanroney Salinas Valley, CA @jessicakobeissi Not only do they rig photos, they also shame models harshly for their looks when it's both the reason each was chosen and it's what the show's own stylists played up. ANTM is such trash even Judge Judy is a better example of kindness and reality. Photographer, journalist, cyclist, and explorer from Monterey County.
Royameadow Massachusetts, North America According to Wikipedia, Judge Judy is still incomplete, despite having not had a new episode since April 0I; if there are any remaining to come, I hope that the true Series Finale returns Bill Bodine's original I996 theme and the I995 Big Ticket Television ID for Season 0I fans. Welcome to the modern existence.
Gov_pub1 Johannesburg, South Africa @ThokozaniNala In SA academic arrogance is real.... Especially the non-STEM..... I learn more from judge judy and 🇺🇸 professionals Changing your paradigm
__UVbeats Kaufman, TX Judge Judy and chill?
vrb1955 What you eat don't make me fat 5:52p OMG Judge Judy is dealing with a know it all today He's about to get dissed and dismissed RETIRED! I don't live in Sugarcoat Land Don't start none! Won't be none! Love movies.I research,and use movie quotes to win arguments WEAR A MASK !
ginger_consult2 We have a bunch of nitwits who think because they watch Judge Judy they know the damn law #ChauvinOnTrial - The cop is going free and no one cares if you burn down your own hood - you just have to live there. #maryland born and raised! This is a traitor free zone.
ChicodaMan3 District of Columbia, USA @CourtTV I think I’m done with court tv , I love the show it julie and vinnie gotta go, they are biased people who have a hint of racism in their opinions and vinnie doesn’t know crap about criminal law , he should be on judge Judy Outgoing, spontaneous and good vibes
AllisonAugustyn Seattle 2/3 Gorsuch: "10% of people believe Judy Sheindlin serves on the Supreme with Justice Sotomayor and myself. People may better know her as Judge Judy.” @CSIS @ABANatSec @icivics @craignewmark Executive Director of @invw (InvestigateWest). Chicago Sun-Times, Master's Review, Pitchwars winners, Whole Terrain, Doll Hospital. she/her. Views my own.
TepidP Texas I’m no legal expert, but I have watched Judge Judy and I’m pretty sure if baseball’s antitrust exemption is eliminated, they’d be absolutely obliterated by minor leaguers for back pay. Not a dude. Rangers farm for @lonestarball
rhiamparry Leicestershire, UK @thegoodgodabove I’m sure it’s judge Judy and executioner?!
Barbara00224615 This trial is a joke where did defense get these people ! Off the streets.” The prosecutors work so hard and now I feel we are watching judge Judy! Ask them a question they may know the answer to. Caring, love people.grandmother and mother. Widow of many years. Political interest . Religious, like stability, look to the future. Associate in Human services
NoPuzzl98 Why does the show Judge Judy bother us so much?? Is it similar to why the show Dr. Phil bothers us?? Is there something else?? And why is it always on during our lunch break?? They/Them (pl.) | Endogenic, Autistic, most of us are some form of MOGAI | Body is 22yr, white | NOT AN RP ACCOUNT | We created #YouMayBePluralIf
CoOfficeCat Omnipresent @jd2b1999 Oh, I’m knee deep in this, although I missed the jury selection part. However, I think the state’s case is on point and I’m here for it. BTW, do you work I’m this industry then? I have a fear of being in Court. I never want to go - too much Judge Judy when I was a kid. USAF AD Veteran - Negativity is not a proxy for thought. #resist #Biden2020.
FestusMeabley @JATetro @steak_umm It’s a book written A long time about the importance of a healthy plant based diet. Big pharma has two rules 1. Don’t kill us 2. Don’t cure us. With those two rules and deep pockets to pay off politicians and run ads during Judge Judy it seems hard to trust them
poopyswagbot Georgia, USA @johncardillo wait, you know what’s crazy? whether or not he was guilty, the police aren’t judge judy and executioner. they don’t decide who’s guilty she/they | pls talk to me about fire force and bungou stray dogs
47thTrumps @Wakedid1 @BBallJones03 @ConservBlue2020 @DailyCaller I have to know. When you turn on CNN and it's a live feed with no commentary of the Derek chauvin trial, do you believe it's fake? In your brain do you think you're watching judge Judy or law and order or something? 2020 is windmill cancer awareness month! believe me!
bvdlvck_ Followed by Dorothy Zbornak, my queen, AND Judge Judy? I can now die happy. ㅤ ㅤㅤ 𝑺𝒍𝒐𝒘 𝒅𝒐𝒘𝒏! 𝑰 𝒋𝒖𝒔𝒕 𝒘𝒂𝒏𝒏𝒂 𝒌𝒊𝒔𝒔 𝒚𝒐𝒖, ⠀ㅤㅤㅤ ㅤㅤ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀@SpeedsExecutor~! ㅤㅤㅤㅤ ⠀⠀⠀ ㅤㅤ ㅤㅤㅤ ꒷ ͝ ꒦ ͝ ꒦ ͝ ꒷ ͝ ꒦ ͝ ꒦ ͝ ꒷。🂱
808s_and_Jay Listening To: PP&DS @Not_Jorden watch judge judy, she helped me learn to argue well 1/23/20❤️ | @kanyewest & @kidcudi 🐐 | General Of The Ducks| he/him 🇵🇷 | backup: @808s_and_Jay2
Chr1sR0berts South East, England @AyoCaesar There’s also a great book edited by Laurie Oulette and Susan Murray “Reality TV: Remaking Television Culture” Some good stuff in there including a great chapter on the ways in which the discourse of Judge Judy and the (benevolent) framing of “law and order” Academic in Media/Cultural Studies. Critical Discourse Analysis; TV News; “Political” Journalism. Socialist, Cyclist, Francophile, Husband, Dad
miss_vassy Dublin You know you are getting tired when instead of typing "Judge and Jury" you put "Judge Judy" 😅 I like sharks, member of the good ship shenanigans, I like talking to people 😄 crowned Queen V
__E__LU__LA__ Wizkid’s head... rent free If I had studied law after years of practice, I would have specialized in entertainment law and then open my own court show like the likes of Judge Judy and Judge Mathis but Cameroon version. It would have been mad interesting 😂😂😂 but I chose engineering 😪 Lucky Santangelo...🦋 in morphing.|| Femme before all else ✨|| Ecclesiastes 3:11❤️
joegibes Detroit, Michigan @Derp76 @Timcast "comply or die"..... We know that resisting arrest is what led to his death. What we're saying is that it's NOT OK to execute people for resisting arrest! The police are not judge judy and executioner. Don't tread on me. Thought I was the man til I met Him.
CodyDeveraux1 ATCHO MOMMA HOUSE Skip Bayless looks more and more Judge Judy by the day. Pro-Black and that’s that. I also hate taxes. Sports 🏀 🏈 and a little bit of politics. #LakeShow #RavensFlock
Matthew91978 @RobbyM_92 Judge Judy would have made a great President. She says it like it is-she has morals and values that align with GOP. She’s against people using the welfare system and could clean up a lot of this mess America is in. UF & Yale Alumnus. Constitutional-Conservative-Tea Party 🏳️‍🌈 Love Dogs, Travel, Politics, Art, Fashion, Timepieces
BillEagarJr Philadelphia, PA Ahhhh forkit! Just found out a coworker died from covid. My department has been handling the contract tracing (not normally something we would be doing)and I have to do the interviewing. Im like Judge Judy interrogating them and time & time again we find them not wearing masks... Over 50 atheist single gay guy. crapty life like half the country. Cynic. Barely surviving w a fulltime job.Proud libtard and snowflake. Huge Howard Stern fan.
NicoleS63685868 ethnic fgj ugly face job creation and the rest federal judge Judy Collins #北京外围 #上海外围 vx:13520850876 高端平台,会员制,接待微信:13520850876
openingremarcs Judge Judy and executioner Posts my lyrics and writing bits whenever it does that; I forget the precise schedule.
slsmoon Belfast @1MichaelWillett As Judge Judy and Executioner, JCS is guilty and deserves all the flack he gets. The single worst piece of defending ever committed to a pitch by a player in a Rovers shirt. Bristol Rovers, Derry City 📍 Belfast 🏠 Bristol 💚 Derry