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Judge judy.

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ABC New York City / Worldwide Judge Judy Sheindlin is returning to television with a new red robe, a granddaughter in tow and the challenge of competing with herself. All the news and information you need to see, curated by the @ABC News team. Watch full ABC News broadcasts on @Hulu:
hari_miller Bristol, England Judge Judy just ruled on a case where a dude felt he’d won the ‘Player of the Year’ prize. And the club owner said it was void as he was the only entrant. Player meaning ‘playa’. So basically arsehole… he WANTED to be recognised as the biggest ARSEHOLE. Who wants an espresso then a quick wrestle to the death?⚡️@basecampz
philatem JHB/ CPT/PLK Banana bread, tea and binge watch judge Judy the whole day😎 Ke rata House music okay 😎 and views are my own therefore should not be linked to my professional capacity.
Auzqn England, United Kingdom @W3Zhira @tinashe_mugabe1 He is a National asset. Hope @ZBCtv is not going to sit back and watch such a flagship program go down the drain because of some spiteful individuals. Judge Judy na Jeremy Kyle when did they qualify to give our results? Grumpier with age |Mum l#WeAreTheArsenal |Shoe addiction |
watchcollecto Leeds, Yorkshire, Manchester, @YardleyShooting Turned all news channels off rather watch judge Judy 😂 it's all hypnosis over last 19 months to train your brain to think a certain way. Got to say it's worked and lot of people when it comes to vaccine info. The Watch-Collector is a private collector of Geniune, Rolex, Cartier, Breitling, Omega, Panerai, TagHeuer watches offering best instant cash prices up north.
paykidd Tema ghana 🇬🇭🇬🇧 @OtiAdjei @delayghana Judge Judy fuor the deed has already been done, he’s regretted asked for forgiveness and his children are back. Stop with all these judgmental BS Mail: (Bois Unda Influence) Los Blancos... I’m So High!!!! (Site Engineer and Musician) Sense of humor 90% 0 tolerance for BS
openingremarcs Judge Judy and executioner Posts my lyrics and writing bits whenever it does that; I forget the precise schedule.
boltonsstache69 under John Bolton's nose @MsBatcrapCrazy @hoorsinthishaus You don't need a lawyer. I know Judge Judy. And if you think she's mean on tv, wait till you meet her in person. 😬 I have the body of an 18 year old, but it's in my trunk and starting to smell. Not a dude. Blocked by snowflake Kirstie Alley.
SmidgeySmidge @bitterkarella Doubt even get me started on judge judy and our crapty, crapty justice system NSFW only 18+ interact! This be my slather-love-over-your-art blog. maybe even my own art sometimes. I also dabble in gender
ameefrah Trinidad and Tobago @Flowtt what was that interruption with jeopardy tonight fellas??? halfway through it cut to commercial and started streaming an entire episode of judge judy???? meef | she/they | 22 | physics biscuit (BSc) | my dumbass disease is chronic & physics is my daddie
missvivi99 Trinidad and Tobago not flow 1 cutting off my jeopardy and playing judge judy instead??? lasciami volare via {she/her}
Therealdeal2244 where the wild things are @Avsfreak18 @E29E @cflem @morganisawizard Im going to guess that Allen has absolutely zero understanding of the law besides Judge Judy and Judge Winebox Pirro Dad, Crypto Investor. Web development, Tall, Solid 7 married to a 10, Woodworking, Poker, Writing, Left- Independent
cheyyyrosee 🦋day dreaming 🦋 Judge Judy going off on bitches in her court room heavy rn my bipolar bottom could never I’d be leaving in hand cuffs and she’d have a black eye real quick ღ just want to be okay ღ • her/ she 🦋19🦋. 🦋222🦋
VictoriaTheTech Tacoma, WA @marthaq @Jennifer_Manly It's constant with this person. It's SO frustrating. If it's not my lack of kids, it's my vacations. If it's not my vacations, it's what I do with my free time. She thinks she's Judge Judy. I just truly think she's unhappy and tries to take it out on others. Married to my amazing wife, Kourtney! STEM Instructional Coach and edtech consultant. Top 30 K-12 IT influencers in 2021 via @EdTech_K12. She/her/hers.
jentrification Detroit, MI this dude on judge judy just said, of his mother, "pack your bags, we're going on a guilt trip!" and baybee, i laughed 💸 investing: Detroit's people, places, + purpose | 🧰 building: tech + main street. 👩🏽‍💼advising: @tpinsights formerly: 📸@GetColorstock #BlackGirlPolymath
VikkiDrag @CrimeMonthly @CBS_Reality I'm almost ashamed to admit it, given all the wonderful true crime that I also enjoy, but I've suddenly got back into Judge Judy and watch it almost every day 🙈 Apparently people feel very strongly about people having bios. I'm Vikki, I was fat, got skinny, had kids, now fat again, love reading and baking
TomBurnsDetroit Detroit @BTruth77 @MauraLeeLang Why don’t you cite when a court has accepted a script from a chiropractor and made a ruling based on its medical merit. Judge Judy does not count.
jashinslutt ♉☀️/♒🌙/♌⬆️ | INFP | 4w5 When I turned the TV on, Judge Judy was on and I'm like so invested 24. they/them. akatsuki apologist. proud johoe. luke skywalker stan. spongebob enjoyer. read carrd byf. minors dni. nsfw. 🔞 #DetroitRoots pfp by @jag_theartist
problempicknee I’m sorry but me and judge Judy woulda have it out in dey This is a spoof account. It is not run by the real individual. 🇦🇬
Classifried2 🇺🇸 Watching Judge Judy Are all magic Americans dumb as mud, completely ignorant of the law and lack any accountability? Friend of all dogs, protector of the pack. DogRight🐕‍🦺 GolfRight⛳ Chemo Survivor 10th generation American #DontNewYorkMyFlorida
ToddyB19 I like to be like Judge Judy and yell at people on my job. Laughter is the bed medicine
trynascore ( miles. 27. he/him. ) Yeah, yeah! I’m always cool! Heh. I like when she yells at stupid people. And she bangs her hammer thing, and then she’s like, ‘blah blah blah I’m judge Judy and you’re all idiots!’ Heh. Ya know? MUSE IS A MINOR. LEWD ACCS WILL BE BLOCKED.
Stoneyness 916 I understand now hi my grandpa would watch Judge Judy every day this bitch is the crap and I am obsessed #LongLiveJudgeJudy With the daisies, feeling hazey💕
Addy_da_Author Auburn, Al So I'm at the doctor (naw I ain't got it, just a check up) and day time tv is on. Judge Judy be talking to folks all kinda reckless man. Creative. Photographer. Graphic Artist. Visionary. See more at he/him
biIsbossanova billiextwice |she/her| 🏳️‍🌈 omg i’m watching judge judy rn and this lady is so pretty eat my dust my tits are bigger than yours
nobomi_bomiza Windmill park estate @HustlingSlave @__greyyyy @Anele I wonder who told you that I have a problem with my hairline nixakekile shame bo judge Judy aninakeni impilo zenu and leave our hairline and Anele alone qha qhwaba Mother of two Handsome Boyz😘
StsBecca My House 🏡 @Taekook_Gold Judge Judy is never wrong. Please, the amount of lies, twisted facts and plain stupidities I’ve seen today…but arent they supposed to love all 7??? The Audacity! She/her • Kth. Jjk. No company stans
Andr6wMale @rblandford Judge Judy will be back next season in... Judge, Judy and Executioner! Writing about music, books, radio, film & TV for MOJO, Sight & Sound, Guardian, Sunday Times. Rife with anomalies. Grounded for dreaminess.
BourdageSherri @JoyceHutchens3 You are amazing with your persistence! This happens to so many people. It is patronage hiring and throwing out the free thinkers. Communism has take. Over cps. I have gone through SAME for standing up for poor kids. Judge Judy Rice said that I should only worry about my own Small bus owner uniting people on clean water, biking & common sense solutions. Fmr gov & Corp employee turned full time activist. Cps “fashion felon”
Checkoutgirl328 @Beany_1 Watched a minute. What the hell is he even talking about. Talk and string a sentence together, oh I'm going back to judge Judy 😤 Avid book worm, wife,mum and crazy checkout girl...
DerekLFoster Pacific Northwest 🇺🇸 @dougalmcdougal2 @Agallion @AceOfTheIndies @SportzByRyan @bryanalvarez The 18-49 demo for judge Judy is 5 times that of AEW. You say AARP group, you mean the people that have cable, own houses, cars and have no student debt? 🏡Help Your Community🏢 @Dbacks Baseball Fan Boxing 🥊 @GGGboxing Fan 🏃Marathon Runner 🎶 Music Lover 🎵  Products ✈️ Spontaneous Traveler🧳
StomachTax Portland, OR @joshgerstein @nycsouthpaw Zzzzzzz fake investigation, Durham was appointed almost 3 years ago and all he could come up with was someone connected to Clinton and a charge that Judge Judy would throw out from her green room Eat the rich, then enact a 90% Stomach Residency Tax. Shemp/Herb
Cudabarbie1 @mselly @myrphyslawcbc @SimplifyToOne1 @kpvsmom @adriandix @jjhorgan Read something. Shut off Judge Judy, and read something. Able to discern truth from fiction. Facts over Fiction. Truth over MSM
KaminaBlue CHI/PHX/PDX This episode of Judge Judy this lady is suing a mother cause her little 7 year old son rode his bicycle into her car. She blocked him in and he had no where else to go. Why are people so evil bro? What’s in it for me?
timheuer Redmond, WA @jeffwilcox I imagine a giant pile of unorganized boxes in Troutdale with a group of people sitting at a card table ignoring them playing poker and watching Judge Judy 👨‍💻 .NET | Visual Studio | Azure at Microsoft / 🚴‍♂️ Cyclist
IsaiahAF_ London, England It’s 3:20pm on a Friday and all I wanna do is climb into bed and watch Judge Judy 😩 Not shocking enough. Professional drama retweeter. 31. Senior Account Manager. My views are...mine?
kitation Sheffield @katie_fenn It's 3 minutes past and I'm sat here tapping my wrist like this Judge Judy gif (They/he) Accessibility consultant. Queer (enby/demiguy/pan). Autistic. Talks about games, web accessibility, mental health, gender 🏳️‍🌈 🌻
Boldesttruth @Toure Who takes at face value a story from your cousin’s friend? Judge Judy would tell her to shut up and dismiss the case built on such faulty logic. Geez. Loves the markets Hates the lies
openingremarcs Judge Judy and executioner Posts my lyrics and writing bits whenever it does that; I forget the precise schedule.
redSinah far South GP Judge Judy always says you can't come to court suing for hospital bills because you got the worst of a fight you started. For both men and women. (she/her)Dj name GINGER* FAR* SOUTH* yt:sinah talks true crimes, ANTIMLMS, feminist witch, story teller, PAN Africanist🌈🌈
Shamrocklax United States @MikeFrancesa Hey Miek Do you think Joe Judge and Judge Judy get together. Happy Holidays to you and da family. I will hang up and listen Never Forget 9/11, Husband, Father, SB Lax Alum 94, NYCD ESU, FSC Rams Lax Quality Control Coach
DemocracyIsJust USA @Cmonbrother7 @MikeFrancesa Judge Judy is tougher and far more organized than pal joey. Democracy is how we stay free. We owe each other a chance!
Cmonbrother7 @MikeFrancesa Mike do you think Joe Judge is related to Judge Judy? I'll hang up and listen JOE DOUGLAS/BOB SALEH= BURLY BOY HIVE Everyday is draft SZN. Mostly Jets Obligatory Panthers stan
MikefromManhat1 Man @MikeFrancesa Hey Mike, do Joe Judge and Judge Judy ever get together and discuss the Kansas City model? Lebanese/Greek American Too many pronouns to list RT's may/may not be an endorsement #bitcoin "What, you think our country's so innocent?" - Donald J. Trump
RichardMcLellan Yamaji country / Jambinu, WA I bet no-one can top this: #EcologicalFashion at The Biodiversity Conference: Lesley Gibson rocking Sugglepot & Cuddlepie (and #WildOz fauna). #TheBioCon Ping Judge @Judy_Dunlop Credit: May Gibbs Research ecologist @ilwscsu #SantalaceaeScience #Sandalwood — Chair #ForestConservationFund @FundForests — Alter ego @OutbackEco Championing @VoicesForDurack
perrybarber Above It All @Anikadrawls Take it to Judge Judy, she knows the score. So sorry you've had to deal with that unnecessary stress, and I hope you're much happier in your new place. I am the Fair Witness She/Her
jossysmithscott Jamaica Judge Judy: you gonna step all over your tie and you’re gonna get very dry in the mouth 💀🤣🤣🤣 Family is everything! | If I can help somebody then my living shall not be in vain|
homal0ne trapped in my mind the gummies hittin bc at first I thought she was a lawyer on a court show and was going "I cant believe my job is to hang out in a court room" and I thought it was gonna finish with "hang out with judge judy" or sum. Bummer and if I'm to leave my footprints in the sands of time let it be with a pair of workshoes
ghost_tropic_ The Beach Not even making fun of the guy for not being normal, clearly we’re on the Island of Misfit Toys here on Twitter & none of us are normal. But don’t come on here pretending to be Tom Brady. Don’t uhh [Judge Judy voice] don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining For as long as I can remember, I’ve always enjoyed lounging around and relaxing
MJADetBos The Upside Down Watching Season 2 of #XFiles and Kurt said Mulder has a Judge Judy haircut. And he is not wrong. Lions, Tigers, Pistons, Spartans. Daughter of Immigrants. Bi-Racial. 🇮🇳 Dual Citizenship. 🇺🇸 🇬🇧World Traveler. Not single. ❤️ Talk to your Doctor.

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