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GetteLynne @notcapnamerica Seems like she got a good deal. No down payment! I would have had to have at least one. And it takes a lot to impress Judge Judy. Bravo. I say fork a lot.
mnguy78 @Cocky_Mike_ @Sandford_Police @michael3420269 @RebelHQ @therealbmc1954 Plus the obvious troll on blaming the blameless car, calling themselves Judge, *Judy*, and executioner, and the fact they call themselves a parody account also mean the whole thing is a joke…
mrsthemark1 @Sandford_Police Who made you Judge Judy and executioner?
SmirkwoodSprite ༒☬ɛʀʏռ ʟǟֆɢǟʟɛռ☬༒ @notcapnamerica I love that Judge Judy has just aged like a fine wine. No more distracting makeup and aquanet shellacked hair - but I'm glad she kept the lace collar. ӄɨռɢ օʄ ȶɦɛ աօօɖʟǟռɖ ʀɛǟʟʍ. ɮɛǟʊȶɨʄʊʟ ɛʟʋɛռӄɨռɢ. ɨ ǟʍ ռօȶ ȶɦɛ ʀɛǟʟ ӄɨռɢ օʄ ȶɦɛ աօօɖʟǟռɖ ʀɛǟʟʍ..... ꧁༺ʄǟռȶǟֆʏ ǟƈƈօʊռȶ༻꧂
Ntokohchilie South Africa @XivTroy Add Law and order and judge Judy to those crime documentaries You are what you do not what you will do ......I believe action not words 📍📍
MylesPH Los Angeles, California @notcapnamerica Man… I won’t lie, I love Judge Judy. But if her show pays the judgment on cases like some others do, that would explain why that woman is willing to make an bottom of herself on national TV. And that says a LOT about where we are as a culture right now. PHILA born & raised, L.A. based
URSULAH59893507 Two guys accused of stealing with no proof, can't escape Judge Judy's roof. But you can surely benefit from TEMU app and win rewards without any mishap! Try it now! #JudgeJudy #TEMUapp Nothing is needed to be said.
MannyL79 California, USA @notcapnamerica I’ve seen Judge Judy laugh at the “press play” stuff and wow! Dude had it right!!!! Husband, Dad, Human. I enjoy food, art, sciences. Doing my part to progress the planet and leave it better than when I arrived. Read Banned Books 😁 $MannyL79
sssemester Indianapolis, USA @CassiaL If Judge Judy called me “Smart! Smart!” then nobody could say crap to me EVER AGAIN. 🤣 And yeah, that woman was dumb. Hoosier. Bon vivant. Christian, but pretty bad at it. Likes sweaters, arugula, compassion. Hates waiting, romaine, injustice. Is really proud of you. (he/him)
Sandford_Police Sandford, United Kingdom @michael3420269 @RebelHQ @therealbmc1954 We are Judge, Judy and executioner Englands smallest Police Farce, committed to catching crinimals & swans Don’t report crime Emergency? Yes📞999 | No📞101 parody/satire #TheGreaterGood
LizDaWiz4 Judge Judy interview on her Life and Career (2009) via @YouTube
dellydoodledoo USA @itsNICKSNIDER Nail gun, cops, and then Judge Judy East coast dog mama, animal lover. #adoptdontshop.
VolsDad615 Tennessee, USA @Peace_Unleashed @AustinHughey4 @TBInvestigation I've been through this myself not to the extent of a Amber alert but my daughter was 4 months and they kidnapped her... When you watch judge Judy and she says fathers aren't second class citizens. they actually are unless you have enough money to pay a bar association. Most Dont Dad 1st TN sports 2nd $TheUnmarriedFather
Mr89DAYZXXL Maryland, USA @sts__123 @Tom74818810 @ClownWorld_ That doesn’t mean crap. Take his bottom to Judge Judy.☺️🤣😂 She hate Pitbulls with a passion and anybody who’s attacked by a pitbull will always get $5000 in damages regardless of race. If you haven’t figure it out yet. My views are very cynical. If you cannot handle my truths. Then you cannot handle anything life throws at you.
missnebby412 Pittsburgh, PA Good morning, my pretties! ☀️ A lazy morning so far. I'm the only one awake, so I'm binging episodes of Judge Judy. Some of these cases....🤣 Noah's coming to spend the day today. Stuffed pork chops on the menu, and gaming on the agenda. 🎮 Time is precious. Make memories… Married Conservative with Libertarian sprinkles. 🍩 You respect me, I respect you. 🇺🇲 Creepy DM's and 🚂s get ya blocked. 🚫 My pronouns are We/the/People 📜
its_tatyanaaa I be up all night on TikTok watching clips of paternity court and Judge Judy 😂🤷🏽‍♀️ Minding the business that pays me.. 😌💅🏽
OMWTO_STARdom Lmaooo Brandy calling me “Judge Judy” is hilarious. She said one fork up and I’m deleting everything about a mf. She’s not wrong Actress🎥 Model📸 X LEAGUE WR 🏈
MasonLeka357670 Slough, England @mpmeg Settle back for an morning and afternoon of Judge Judy over on @CBS_Reality right now until 5pm this afternoon to see the lovely lady talking to the people who have their own cases to show.
JackWoodsie95 Leeds, England @JohnClements35 @Sandford_Police He's Not Judge Judy And Executioner! Just a happy guy looking for the positives
meIosunny mariland also dr phil and judge judy they watch it together and yell at the tv sunny • 16 • 🏳️‍⚧️ he/she • 🇨🇦🪶• mentally ill onegai my melody fan • read about me / dni in link • art acc @KUR0SUNNY
meIosunny mariland dr phil and judge judy sunny • 16 • 🏳️‍⚧️ he/she • 🇨🇦🪶• mentally ill onegai my melody fan • read about me / dni in link • art acc @KUR0SUNNY
arizonasunblock someone donated 170 gigabytes of Judge Judy archives to me and i’ve been digesting them for weeks now 😭😭😭
Kathlee51501669 @UnlikelyBot Can H say what impact that media intrusion had on his Mother or has on Catherine? Judge judy would say that is hearsay, and not admissable. "Don't tell me what they thought or knew. That calls for the operation of their mind." H cannot know how others feel.
clownzyerotica I can't tell you Judge Judy: Tell me what happened Diva Me: I was doing parkcoure and landed on this man pussy first . im a pretty fairy . come touch me ... | im also a being from a higher dimension who cant be described with pronouns (she/they)
PatCorc2019 DC-ish @notcapnamerica My favorite was the girl who accused two guys of stealing her purse. Judge Judy said, what was in the purse? The girl said my keys, my wallet, and my phone. One of the defendants blurted out, there wasn’t any phone in there! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 MSM news producer 30+ years; PSU, ex-librarian, passionate re 1st Amendment & 4th Estate. ✏️ Speak Truth to Power. Loves 🇺🇸. she/her. Make good trouble.
gwhittey @BerniceAnders4 @LBJ45 @cenkuygur Nah this not twitter it happened on forums all time, it a product of a stupid nation that values shows like Jerry Springer and Judge Judy.
dejajezell CT I am old as hell. I cannot wait to get home, get in bed and watch judge Judy. 😭 🦋
maryannbodo Glen Cove, NY @NBCNightlyNews @GeoffLiesik @PattersonNBC Just saw this guy on judge Judy. He is still flying and causing damage !! I used to be a flight attendant with USAirways and I am now a corporate flight attendant - I can’t believe he is still able to fly!!! Read your article from 2010.
bamfgrl23 Fort Worth, TX I'm taking Jake to Judge Judy because he went and sprained my eyeballs with his bullcrap #OPLive #OPNation #OnPatrolLive #Reelz I never know what to put in the BIO. I'm very married. I'm a boy Mom. I love dogs. completely not a fan of political anything.
jeffSolb Alberta @SagED_UP It's got to be judge judy, no joke! At a million dollars an episode, and millions of episodes made, surely she's made the most money 😁 interests: photography, Complex Trauma therapies, family, married no DMs or nudes thank you photos are mine unless noted otherwise
HowleyReporter "Judge Judy" is still on the air hectoring ordinary people, both the contestants and the unwilling audience at the DMV or bus station. Senior Reporter at National File Seen on Fox and Friends, Newsmax, OAN, C-Span, CBS, The Alex Jones Show
cdfornya Boston, MA @Acyn Judge Judy and executioner Music. Coffee. Pizza. Cheeseburgers. More coffee. Design. Travel. NOLA. More pizza. Shorter than you think. Thank you.
Julie_Dawson12 Manchester, United Kingdom @JudyJustice WOW Judge Judy series 12 ep 135. The one who is the mistress (slapper) gets the judgement and the one who should get child support & doesn't, gets nothing. Unfair or what? Disgusting morals all over America.
sassycrass Wish-A-Motherf*cka-Woods I mean I NEVER had a blue check. AND AH WAS OHN "JUDGE JUDY*"! *I was actually on "Judge Judy." She's utterly terrifying. Bring me my axe.
funsizetams When my friends tell me something mad and I’m trying to clarify what they’ve just said I sound like judge Judy 😂 with great hotness comes great responsibility
chennaC Here, there, and nowhere But ehn! Who died and made big love Judge Judy of BB affairs? Optometrist…. #Rock🎸 #Messi⚽️ #GSW🏀
shavanemc HBIC Apart from traveling, staying in bed all day watching hgtv, the cooking network and judge Judy with no responsibilities truly brings me so much joy Jeremiah 29:11 | Florida State Alumna | 🇯🇲 | 1908 “Seek peace and pursue it”
ghobubo @therockstarcat I've seen Judge Judy chew up bigger and meaner plaintiffs than you, Gibson. You stood up to her really well! But for all voice in that serene hour, I hear an owl hoot. How glad I am to hear him rather than the most eloquent man of the age. Thoreau
Jeffreys703 Virginia, USA @SaraElyse128 Then you get Judge Judy telling you to hurry and make a decision! It’s unreal pressure! Health System Specialist@ WRNMMC and proud Air Force veteran! Enjoy running, hiking and being in the great outdoors! Park Univ. alum
TheCatOnBallyTV I just played pickle ball for the first time and it made me feel like an old. I’m fairly certain it’s the first step on the path toward eating dinner at 4 o’clock off a tray table while watching Judge Judy. Bally Sports Midwest. 590 The Fan. My tweets are my own.
MasonLeka357670 Slough, England @mpmeg Judge Judy is on right now over on RealityXtra to keep the weekend come quick and fast.
fearthedragon @DineshDSouza Maybe we should bring Judge Judy in and let her pass quick judgement on these paracites. It is stunning how many of these leftist are criminals.
margari_r Funky Town @MichaelWKohlman @StephenKing “Don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining.” Judge Judy You would say it’s raining it seems The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy. MLK
shayla_boo92 Hamden,CT The older I get the more I realize Judge Judy had every right to go off on people because you are too big and grown 🤣😂 Yemoja 💙🧜🏾‍♀️🐬🐠⚓️
RealAogami United States of Hellworld Every episode of judge Judy starts the same. "ok who's unemployed out on disability raise your hand. You're a worthless drain on society and you should feel bad about it. Alright now on to the actual case." TRIGGER WARNING: Pronouns in bio He/They Freelance Illustrator This account is 18+ and may feature artwork or content unsuitable for minors.
stevis78 Tampa @Jennabean22 @mlcpodcast @levy_sir Well, Judge Judy, Chaaaaaaad is a real forking Pinkmannnnnnnn and he's an idiiiiiiiiooottttttttttt Guess who's back?? Back again! Documentarian on the #PodcastWarsOf2023. I'm a real crumb bum
ProllyNotDJT Definitely Not Mar-a-Lago @HarrisonSmith85 Men will be allowed to Grab Women by the Pussy! (If their a Star and the woman is over a 7, as Rated by ME, the Ultimate Judge Judy and Executioner!) I will have many, many other Powers, but I will tell you at the Time! (I’ll keep you in suspense, Folks!) Many people are saying I have “PERFECT” Tweets and a Highly Powerful and Successful Account! Like the world has never seen before! BIGLY! Believe me! #Parity
highrockies2 Park County, CO @tweetsandboobs Judge, Judy, and executioner If you tell an elected official that they should be executed for treason, Twitter gives you a free vacation!
itsssyayaaa I LOVE when tik tok accounts post my case from Judge Judy and expose my ex roommates to the WORLD how they really are! LMFAOOO GOD IS GOOD 🙏 Life is just a phase 🌹
MamaFrenchiest Everywhere and Nowhere @notcapnamerica Lol yall got pressed over this. Chill. A lot like judge Judy, my comment was rhetorical and isn't that serious. Breathe yall. Touch grass Opinionated Female. Amateur and Professional Mama. Sometimes I'm here for the conversation, other times I'm here for the comments.