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Timcast Washington, DC i took the day off and am watching Judge Judy now i understand, this is how life is supposed to be Journalist, Disaffected Liberal, Commentator, Filmmaker, Skateboarder, Musician | Former VICE, Fusion
PhilHenning4 @BarbaraSutton15 Judge Judy is awesome, she could sort out most things, let her lose on Rooney/Vardy, Heard/Depp and this shower of crape. On this utter bollox of a "Sunlit uplands" tour, a dystopian nightmare! We have gone nowhere and are surrounded by massive steaming piles of crape (Big Dog).
AnneMacRae4 London, England @BarbaraSutton15 😆 When I’m in a quandary I apply the Judge Judy test. If it wouldn’t pass her scrutiny don’t do it. And I’m not even joking! Scot living in the south. Unapologetically Left. Want to live in a civilised country where children don’t go hungry. Anti racism, sick of it. #Votesat16
JasmineBager The depp/heard trial feels like a reality tv show streaming on social media. Are we really that bored/desensitized as a society that others’ chaotic marriage thrills us this much? It’s like judge Judy and the kardashians rolled into one. Genuinely disturbed by how it’s unfolding Saudi Latina journalist with bylines @time, @arabnews and others. Mostly write about feminism and the arts. @columbiajourn grad. Bag-er. She/her
RocketstarMedia Boise, ID Judge Judy, lettuce leaves and Star Wars: Major parties sharpen social media sell to appeal to voters
KhanenSents @TMZ Ha! I was able to unscramble the puzzle. It’s Judith Susan Sheindlin (known professionally as Judge Judy). She was born October 21, 1942. Wow, love her so much and am incredibly scared of her! Imagine if she was your sister! Loving father of two plus sized honor roll students. Avid sport and political madness lover. RIP uncle Bill 🙏🏼 Supper engineer and Miller Lite consumer
calbluewes USA Amber Heard and Johnny Depps personal life dont affect your life one damn bit. Meanwhile our Democracy is at risk of falling off a cliff, but who cares as longs you got Celebrity Edition of Judge Judy!??? #AmberHeard #JohnnyDepp Illustrator/ Painter. Glowing crypto eye profile pics are lame.
elizabe32359443 @JonathanTurley Lord I hope they bring her to justice. Not just sit in front of a panel of her peers ! Asking questions for days. While she lies and twists her way out of it. -NOT- throw judge Judy in the mix. Born in northern Maine. Married, one child.
TashaL87 Cornwall, UK @TheNamesQ I’m from the U.K. also. I reserved judgement until I’d done hours of research etc and every time I watch amber and her witnesses I just can’t stop thinking of (to quote judge Judy) ‘you don’t need a good memory if you are telling the truth’
fragilehardass1 @BoulwareH2 Does this work for you with others bc I don't take 💩 from nobodies? You aren't judge judy and this isn't the johnny Depp trial. I'll take communion tomorrow, will you? You are not to judge but it seems like you believe you can police my faith. MB: INFP-T Enneagram: 9. Dogs🐕 Books📚 Family I delete my tweets until I decide if I'm staying. S'up to Elon M
LeonieB94 @TheBravoDerm Dont use that name. judge Judy would see right through her and scold her right in the court room. Animal Lover, Marvel obsessed and Sims addicted! Autistic. She/her Pronounce.
forbiddenruin @SnowcatTish @DeniseDT The one that occurs when they take LSD PCP and watch Judge Judy. #PureBlood Vax Free #forkJoeBiden #ThankYouElonMusk #TrumpWon I'm The Monster SJWs are afraid of.
grahamblairnett @LeaveHeardAlone @leahcjacobs So now they’ve used ambers Coachella home video, a movie where she punches a guy, and ICE CREAM as evidence. This crap would get them laughed off of judge Judy
shalyla147 I always loved staying home from school and watching Judge Judy as a kid so ig it’s no surprise that I’m OBSESSED with the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard thing lol
morejoy21 Johnson City, Tennessee We pick Raymond and Judge Judy.
STX488 Cardiff NJ @KoolnewsBracken before she married Cheryl's nephew, i think Jeannette was the only to work with home and to be on Judge Judy!! A proud @6abc/@ABC7NY/@abc13houston/@ABC7 Viewer, @NASCAR and @Giants Fan, Coupons guy, and the very grand nephew of the founder of Somers Point NJ
BipolarHaver America jidge judy: dont piss on my leg and tell me its raining me: ok judge judy: i mean it me: ok judge judy: dont your dare piss on my leg no matter how bad you want to, and then tell me its raining me: i dont wan- judge judy: just drowning my legs in your warm piss and then t The real truth about is, no one gets it right The real truth about it is, we're all supposed to try
robmiller268 @SteelerSanc16 Everybody loves Raymond and judge Judy are the only ones I remember. Grant it I was only 6 at the time
DC4L_77 Texas, USA Judge Judy and Spin City I Love God, My Family, and The Dallas Cowboys. | cash app: $KLJ77 |
CameroMitch Treaty 7 "He's not Judge Judy and executioner!" word boi // politics, history, bullcrap // settler // depressed comrade // lifeguard (on hiatus) // martial artist of sorts // stubbornly unprofessional
rmp266 @MiguelDelaney Between suing PSG in CAS, the EU, Judge Judy etc, and star striker Benzema sending out diss tracks, would it be fair to say Nadrid are distracted ahead of the CL final
BearsSox4ever Arlington Heights, IL @MadScientistFF Judge Judy and Spin City I'm a big fan of Chicago sports teams, White Sox and Bears mostly. Also a long time WWE/WWF fan. I also live to bowl and work on aquariums.
johnnyderpz @auuudreyxx @ggGg40605939 A bunch of people learned the word perjury this month and think they’re Judge Judy or some crap Johnny Depp and his fans are deranged herbs
jerrythompsonjr South florida @MadScientistFF Everybody loves Raymond and Judge Judy a father ,husband and SoFlo sports junkie. I have no filter so live with it. All about the U! Love dogs ,cats and all animals
RobertHarney81 Independence, KY @MadScientistFF Raymond and judge Judy Trying to provide for my family. My life consist of my family wife Tonya and my sons John, Richard, Norman and Graysen. God, Family, USA!
SWatcher2021 Cincinnati, OH @MadScientistFF Judge Judy and Seventh Heaven were good. Just on here for the sports news
nobody_are @Gbenavides94 Do you have a link for the case you're referring to with Judge Judy? Also, could you please describe some of the physical symptoms and neurological effects that you have documented? I am talking to YOU. Mind my retweets and likes. I AM SPEAKING. Behold, the universal consciousness attempting to make peace with itself. God loves you✝️
LifeDialectic Palos Verdes Estates, CA @maynardisatool @RonFilipkowski "Don't piss on my leg and tell me it's raining" -Judge Judy Mental health and harm reduction advocate | EMT | CPTSD survivor | BIPOC | 🏳️‍🌈
mainlyy_lay On a baecation Judge Judy may pop her crap but she’s such a positive role model as a parent and an individual Unavailable 🚫 ♓️ IG: @mainlyy.lay
ArlanKels @Kibitzer_r @NewStatesman And you think people watch stuff like MMA, Football, et cetera not out of morbid curiosity or relishing in the blood sports? Or reality tv shows for the same reason? Or the already televised faux trial shows(Judge judy type stuff)?
KristinLowry3 LOL...I was just at Rite-Aid and the elderly woman looked at my shirt and said, "Isn't that Judge Judy?" "OMG, it's the exact opposite of Judge Judy!" Let's never forget how Ruth Bader Ginsberg did us all a solid for those years she was in public service ❤️ I sandblast old metal, Lois Lowry's daughter, married, small business owner, animal lover..#BLM, #Pride,#GirlsintheTrades..NO DMs/Romantic Suggestions!
YujeongsPetRat ok so jian is big brother, chowon is rarity, huiyeon is blind, hina is judge judy, nayoung doesnt know how to use her powers, sangah is a hispanic mother, juhyeon is nightcrawler and yujeong is an object so large is gravitational pull holds planets together i like having fun🍦. 🐝dms always open. ill listen if you need anyone🐝 .🍒infj🍒 art acc: @AhiruChr
JCM1111ON @Timcast I sit next to a waiting room tv that I control at work, Price is Right and judge Judy are where it’s at As the actress said to the bishop
OwenHJohnson1 Massachusetts Seriously, why are some people acting like the Depp/Heard trial is an episode of Judge Judy and the point of it is to humiliate people? Writer | Film buff | Simpsons reference for everything | he/him
BigfootBio Pennsylvania, USA @Timcast Judge Judy, The Price is Right, and all of Grandma's soap operas = daytime watch list for every kid who stayed home sick from school in the 90's. Ugh. Innawoods. Ugga.
Yazhda @elonmusk Yes hello, I played 1.75 out of like 10 ace attorney games, I watched the danganronpa anime, a whole season of judge judy, several depp vs heard tiktoks, and briefly considered becoming a lawyer when I was 18 I am on that global vibe
tifftoorosey they/her the reason that this johnny and amber case pisses me off is because if they weren’t famous, this crap would be a SINGLE judge judy episode. ut austin ; 20 :)
vcheuba @_siscotech @SYeezy05 @Luis_R_DYLA @Letiferfem i never said i was a model citizen tho. reason i’m not out here playing judge judy and fantasizing over someone self harming. try again Male. Mater Tenebrarum.
postm0dernity hell, right here @WilliamBortins @Timcast Lauren Lake is fair and objective as well if you’re into court shows. Judge Judy is very good too ℑ 𝔩𝔦𝔨𝔢 𝔣𝔬𝔫𝔱𝔰 𝔞𝔫𝔡 𝔣𝔦𝔫𝔞𝔫𝔠𝔢 | 𝘮𝘰𝘴𝘵𝘭𝘺 𝘭𝘶𝘳𝘬𝘪𝘯𝘨 (𝘪𝘯 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘷𝘰𝘪𝘥) | dyₛₗₑₓᵢc dᵤₘbₐᵣₛₑ | ₍ₛᵢₙ/cₒₛ/ₜₐₙ ₚᵣₒₙₒᵤₙₛ₎
DylanEac I like how judge Judy makes people answer the questions straight out and she is such a no nonsense lady.
alison_spangler Ohio, USA @brendarick2761 They sure aren’t staying on topic. I don’t know how the jury will decide. I like what someone posted, that Judge Judy shoulda tried the case and I agree cause it woulda been over in 30 minutes instead of this sh*t show. artist, teacher, animal parent
thrlChrisHaney @Timcast Judge Judy is a national treasure and should be protected at all costs.
IainMulady @JamesDeagle5 @SteerableWizard @helenjaneadkins @TenMoreBoosters @Jackii44622715 @SerTophamHatt @Sharky_vs_Evil @AlBowers1 @BreezerGalway @Egalitarian69 @Ray_Grant_ @annaeck73 @theblackeffect7 @kirakirstynkira @Buster17535647 @RefusenikProud @CarlLewLV @SaeWott @TellynTrue @yazza97118774 @BerryTartlet @MichaelYeadon3 @stargazeruk7 @JustinTrudeau @EmmanuelMacron @ScottMorrisonMP Go back to watching Judge Judy and imagining you know what's going on pal. Words here that I think make me sound interesting. Falsehood flies, and the Truth comes limping after it
Comptinator Southampton, United Kingdom Judge Judy is bloody awful. She tries desperately hard to be funny through her excessively rude behaviour and it fails miserably. She's just an utter twat. Aspiring filmmaker. Video editor at @AutekCIC. Supporting Epilepsy Awareness 💜
DINNERWITHHOV atl my mama will really wake up and cut on judge judy immediately she’s nuts i’m from dc
JeffDougherty6 Watertown, MA @clairecmc Couldn't they have just gone to Judge Judy and we could all be done with it. #ButtigiegDemocrat #teampeteforever #AncestryHour
openingremarcs Judge Judy and executioner Posts my lyrics and writing bits whenever it does that; I forget the precise schedule.
eyewant2know @elonmusk Elon do you need legal advise or a member in your new legal team? I can represent you in the court in future since chances are you’ll end up in one. I’ve been watching judge Judy and mostly the bosom buddy @JudgeJeanine on TV
_kitchencong kaduna @CakeMaestro042 Exactly I do this too. I watch Judge Judy alot and it taught me how important receipts are DM for Fabricated baking ovens/ fish and vegetable dehydrators/ baking pans(Nationwide delivery)....find me on Instagram
marissabruner he gives me the same energy as Peyton Manning and Judge Judy (however i dislike those 2 wayyyyy more) 24, leftist, 👩🏼‍🔬 biologist, hEDS haver, owner of a newly fused spine

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