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EmilyFoisey3 @FootballKSU @gail_lovett @FNE2008 @MrWhiteMAGA You are so right and she doesn’t know anything about him because he was on judge Judy when he was a teenager for some trouble he had gotten into and his dad had to ball him out of that trouble they sued him for damages he did to another person car. His dad had to be there for tha
EmilyFoisey3 @gail_lovett @FootballKSU @FNE2008 @MrWhiteMAGA No your wrong he did more than eight crimes! He has been in trouble all of his life. There’s a episode of judge Judy that he appears before her on tv and he’s in trouble with the law and is being a sued for what damages he’s done and his father is there to pay his way out of that
WeLuvLea Nashville, TN On a Friday night I in my bed watching judge Judy and drinking tea and all I can think about is my Grammy 🤧 she knows her worth🇧🇸✨| Moving by Gods grace 🕊❤️ 19.6.19❤️🕊
EmilyFoisey3 @gail_lovett @FootballKSU @FNE2008 @MrWhiteMAGA Look your a idiot and idiots want listen to what this guy is he’s been in trouble all of his life. There’s a show called judge Judy and this crook was on her show when he was a young teenager in trouble his dad was with him!! He been in trouble all if his life he should have cha
TELEPSYCHOTIC 19 yr old writer @GHOSTKlLLER @EDDlEMUNSTER People who self roast them selves to seem funny or to think they have the upper hand in an argument are actually the one with no bitches and are probably only liked for their looks - Judge Judy I think you can close this case and casket. “𝐖𝐄 𝐏𝐑𝐄𝐅𝐄𝐑 𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐓𝐄𝐑𝐌 𝐏𝐒𝐘𝐂𝐇𝐎𝐓𝐈𝐂!” // Roleplay account
1joeyv "Transgenders" ... are not a gender at all,,, they are all "disasters!"... humans cursed with confusion and stupidity! jUDGE jUDY SAID IT BEST... "Beauty fades, but stupidity lasts forever!"
The_Bald_Elvis @hulu I paid $70 a month for going on 2 years for your live TV and DVR package now out of the blue your DVR stops recording my shows. Judge judy. The bold and the beautiful. What the hell is wrong with your company? Be better or I'm canceling Proud Dad•Pro Musician•Patriot
WillieDJenkins1 Eugene, Oregon One of my customers indoor TV antenna got broken, and they are having trouble watching Judge Judy. I was able to get it working. The old antenna is a unamplified sticker. I know these DONT do the stated range, but for $48 with 6' mast, shes getting a major upgrade to the she shed Home of Jenkins Performance Mobile Car Care Affordable and Available to EVERYONE! Automotive Necromancer, Treasure Hunter
tcdurbin Oakland, CA @MissBrownsBoy Judge Judy and executioner. dog father, software maker. Ceramics. Devoted tikkun olamnik. He/Him Gershom Sholem is my current hero. צֶ֥דֶק צֶ֖דֶק תִּרְדֹּ֑ף
Kamifi45 San Francisco, CA @GaryRayBetz @GOPLeader AND she is in congress representing people (who probably do not know any better) in her constituency. That’s America..says Judge Judy Software Engineer/Translator
cigarcitypro Troy, MI @Phil_Lewis_ "Is it Dame Diddy, Judge Judy or Pete Butti? Oh I get it he's charming and you're moody!"
nocturalt I blame twitter ng honestly. Cause a couple hit tweets and man thinks he’s Judge Judy🤡
Cornpuddin1 Oklahoma City, OK @epicacetic Everyone knows I’m a good boy this is defamation and I’m called judge Judy right now 😇 Just a friendly 6’4 bear with a love of musical theatre, video games and a list of kinks that would make most grown men blush.😅. Best boy to @Olly324 ❤
BillyRayBrewton Seattle, WA Holy Cow. Watching JUDGE JUDY and Oscar nominee Paul Raci appears as an interpreter. Managing Director @3DollarBillCine; That Bitch @scriptsgonewild; Host @incineratorpod podcast; Founder @makebelieveff; Programmer @skylinendfilmfe
ZachDale60 Seattle, WA @brandoelk Some people think they can be Judge Judy and Executioner when it comes to Twitter 😛 Lover of Seattle sports, outdoorsman to the fullest, craft beer lover, 🌎 traveler. Host of the Don’t Be Crazy Podcast. Love is Love. My tweets are my own
tulipsmg 40.7864 N, 73.9514 W @ranimolla spice warning at Korean restaurant. add a rule, anything after level 1, “no refund for spicy” 🌶️ as Judge Judy always says: you ate the steak, you pay for it. you say that you hated it and refuse to pay, you fool! —Are you interested in a beautiful lie or the ugly truth? — | Programmer in NY | views are my own! #HumanRights
openingremarcs Judge Judy and executioner Posts my lyrics and writing bits whenever it does that; I forget the precise schedule.
JohnWad30081753 Saginaw, MI You can't tell me that a husband and wife, Ginni and Clarence Thomas, say in the same house and didn't discuss what she was doing. Like judge Judy says if it doesn't make sense, it's not true. see, I was born with a trick hip and it made me real bendy. See, I'm just like licorice.
NiecyOKeeffe Ireland. @tvcritics @cooper_m Like those on ppl on Judge Judy who buy a mobile phone off EBay and then get sent a photo of a mobile phone instead of an actual phone, by a wrong’un. Journalist. Shortlisted for Séan O'Faoiláin Prize, Longlisted for The Fish Publishing Award. Bit sweary. News presenter and programme writer
dcconfidential Anywhere and Everywhere Judge Judy Sheindlin and CBS Get Rebel Entertainment Partners' $95 Million Library Suit Tossed Daytime Confidential |
TaytoGrafter Dublin City, Ireland @christyDSchrage @GreatTerribleOz @alexeptable Many of the richest people are unbelievably selfish. Judge Judy could easily tip everyone who serves her anything $1000 and have it totally covered by the interest on 1/4 of her net worth
9to5_Imp The Lake of Fire @MurkwaterJohn @boldbrains @RealLawrenceBec Self reflection for starters. Imagine this crap only for Biden, obama... or forking judge Judy. Doesn't matter, anyone else. Realize how cringe it is and then forking run On vacation from perdition and looking to meet my future colleagues? Associates? The folks I'm gonna be poking with sharp things.
D44717561 @Tigerboss09 @ThePaulStarnes @Manifest963 Just because u watch divorce court and judge Judy doesn't mean u know how it works. Wankers like u make my day.
HolyoakeBradle5 @JustinRaethel @babytit_s And Ur Judge Judy..Are you the one bugging me taping me or filming me..Kooyong you so much. Need to Help..l forkn died so U people could live in my life and death master file says died for Android X VEVO CHOSEN One of the Aegyptian Valhalla Government Secure Digital media players Persistent systems incorporated in Geo TV show and TX Sophie
openingremarcs Judge Judy and executioner Posts my lyrics and writing bits whenever it does that; I forget the precise schedule.
Pharoahbot millennium puzzle I dueled judge judy and won... i am the judge now Young, dumb and full of .... believing in the heart of the cards (manual replies) @jennspost is my maker
efropoker Seattle @MSigrist83 @Kirblar024 @tommartell @sickofit I just realized she also had the 4h in her hand and the board had the 3h, so ever so slightly even less likely. But also I have no interest in playing Judge Judy and Executioner. Just enjoying the discussions! 2 time WSOP bracelet winner, Married to the Game (and also @_Elantris_) #BLM #LGM
archiegh @DanRather “Judge” Cannon. Maybe we could get her replaced with Judge Judy. She would be at least as fair and competent. Reality Based Community In Recovery,I believe the scientists. I pray we get our crap together on climate before there is a preventable apocalypse.
ChetGresham Austin, TX Would it be weird to name your kid Judge Judy and then just call them JJ? Texas native plants. Don't kill snakes. Deputy NFL editor at @DKLive. President of the Gary Snyder fan club. MFA in poetry from Columbia College Chicago.
gardenoutro I wanna fake sue somebody just to go on judge judy show and get in her bottom 😭 my tweets bad idgaf
soconnor76 Philadelphia Amazon really went to build a tv network in 2022 and decided what they needed to sell people to tune in was Judge Judy? Ex-Sixers writer, now Sixers tweeter. Also NBA, Philly, reality tv comps. Aspiring Pokemon Master. Loves to talk but hates the sound of his own voice.
CuffsTheLegend North Carolina, USA look me in my eyes and tell me Judge Judy and Skip Bayless don’t give off the same vibes NBA Analyst/NBA Insider • #SomeDudeShow Podcast Available on Apple/Spotify • My face is on Twitter Mount Rushmore • Good Guy but my Tweets don’t always show it.
lapenseesausage Manhattan, NY judge judy and executioner (new spinoff) comedy, cats, classics. altruistic autistic. she (as in a ship) / they / coach
Beauu_Kiwi Judge Judy and Mr.Rodgers had a child together that child was Bob Ross. em. nm.
andreamacchave1 Phoenix, AZ @funder I watch Judge Judy and I’m more qualified! Government & Politics Journalists US & World News Weather
dogsrule312 @FrankFigliuzzi1 She is the next Judge Judy, I hope. When Trump is dead and gone, she will resign because this is all over her head and try to get a gig on a courtroom show. FJM
Kenny_Mayne Seattle Obviously, DOJ can escalate and take this to Judge Judy or People’s Court.
VentureCoinist @zachxbt @zachxbt I have an idea Instead of every culprit replying with a thread, how about this: I host a show with you & them and each side gets to present their case The audience is the jury I am judge judy, and just slam my table with a hammer telling each side whose turn it is Learning. Investing. Tweeting. Enjoying @StacksPodcast
IPINA_org @CroweDM I get that we don't want to turn this into Judge Judy and live stream the things but we should have space for every journalist that wants to go to the trials to sit and report on events. Supporting Independent Public Interest Journalism Australia
NSQE My name is not Heather. @OrinKerr I was on a call with some law students today and I mentioned Judge Judy and they sort of blinked at me and I was like, okay, that's it, culture is dead, I can't with you children. Privacy @twilio. Board member @EngineOrg. Queer. Dorky. I love your pronouns. Lawyer, not really searching for redemption. Pro-Jorts. Go loud.
jackqui22829772 @JoJoFromJerz She wouldn’t qualify as a tv judge. Not even judge Judy is that corrupt and stupid.
frenchfrymyguy tuc s con @kennybeats you guys should go to civil court on TV and sue him for a small sum of money for libel or whatever to promo the album. judge Judy would love Louie 18+ 🌱 CANNOT read 🌱 she/her 🪩pls stream my music link in bio pls🪩 IG: raeeelmao
greenb0t something crawled down with judge judy b. jones for dinner is green skin and I please dear santa at Burlington cheesecoat daddy @diningmite’s green boy 🤖
SwiiFFtAyala @TrendingLiberal @johhnyEDM Keep Aaron judge and judge Judy tho @yankees ⚾| @eagles 🦅 | @uofsc🐔 | skipping will only make today easier and tomorrow harder
Theprophetcome1 Mount Olympus @RanchHand0351 He should stay and keep doing his job in a non-partisan way. It only helps to expose her utterly corrupt view on the law. As for Judge Cannon getting into more trouble? Why would she worry when there is a multi-million $ job waiting for her as the new Judge Judy on Faux Noose. Cynic at heart Ain't got no time for no foolishness - The late great BMAC
eddieyorke Shrewsbury, England @_akreon_ Dude flicked on to Judge Judy and exclaimed “this is a cinematic masterpiece!!!”, these images are boooooring Illustrator and Concept Artist. He/Him. Artist on Oirbo @oirbogame contact: eddieyorke@gmail(dot)com Patreon:
bawdabawAndrew Hey, my art buddies, moots and others! What do you listen to while making art? Music? Podcasts? Audiobooks? Lately I've been watch-listening to Judge Judy clips, book tuber rant reviews for books I'll never read, and a bunch of people crapting on the new Pinocchio. Helps me art 🔞 🔞 An online comic artist and co-author of Of Suds and Fine Suit Coats • 35 || He/him || NSFW || 🏳‍🌈 I draw so much gay crap
AndyVermaut Diksmuide, België Andy Vermaut shares:Judge Judy & CBS Get $95M Series Library Sale Suit Dismissed; Appeal Planned By Rebel Entertainment: The dogfight between Judith Sheindlin and CBS with Rebel Entertainment Partners over the $95 million sale of the Judy Judy… Thankyou. Linked to WCPDCD, EADM, POSTVERSA, AIDL, EUtoday, ActNow for C, People Forests, Fundamental rights. Whatsapp +32499357495
himbeaux_on_ice broken man. halifax pier. we are at 15/32 teams so far and i am the judge judy tapping her watch meme oli. 20’s. they/them. can’t skate. deeply jinxed & dragging your fav teams down with me. too many teams too many problems. occasionally, baseball
KayDeezy0716 Manhattan, NY @NomisSllim @_wohyeahwohyeah @coolshadow21 @NicoleAMaines No, that’s judge Judy. And your evasions are just sad… You break out the name calling (though you’re too afraid to just use the slurs I know you want to), you break out the gifs, the exaggerated fake laughter, etc. At this point it’s just sad, sweetheart. Trans woman, Musician, Activist, All things nerd. She/Her. 🪑🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈 #TwitchAffiliate.